Writing is my way. Writing is my way through. As far back as I can remember I have always written. My first coup was a poetry award when I was 8. I proudly recited my work to family and relatives for weeks.Much of my early writing was journalling. Today writing is my tool to be part of the critical mass who are bringing about awareness of our planet and its need for harmony.
My business is ‘Touchstone’ for Healing Health and Wellbeing.
I have been an instructor in QiGong and Tai Chi . I lecture in Reflexology in a School of Aromotheraphy in Tokyo,Japan.
In my earlier years I have been a High School Science Teacher in State and Catholic Schools then I retrained at Newcastle University to be a Teacher-Librarian. My later years were in a Primary school in that role.
I took a Masters in Spirituality in the later years of my teaching career and worked on a Spiritual Formation Team to give inservice workshops for teachers.
One of my proudest achievments was my time as a young teacher in a Mission Field in PNG in the years before Independence.