A Call to Listen is an oasis for those of us who take too little time to stop and refresh our senses. It is a journey through landscapes both familiar and new, the beauty and the terror of the places we call home, the histories we are living now and remember still. It bridges distance and carries us beyond our shores to examine what unites and separates us. It is a microscope to magnify the magnificence of nature and a mirror to reflect our impact on this planet and each other.
Colleen Keating’s poetry speaks to us all in its intimacy and its beauty. Spend a while in this oasis. You will see the world more vividly. You will hear it calling.
Siobhan Colman

Colleen Keating’s poetry represents the application of a lively imagination to broad life experience. There is the sense of place in coolamon dreaming, and the sharp eye for detail in zen moment. There is intimacy in dawn, a sense of alienation in soka-eki, and an illustration of our capacity to ignore the suffering of others in lights a candle. This is a richly varied collection, expressing views worthy of consideration.

Norm Neill
This delightful collection invites us to listen with all our senses.
I recommend you take time to enter the world of this poetic landscape.

Margaret Hede